I was lead developer for a testing software used in the automotive industry.


As a lead developer I coordinated the technical development of a stand alone testing software. It is especially useful for the automotive industry. The tool itself is primary glue code for many third party libraries, which was developed in an enterprise environment.

Due to an NDA I can’t tell too much about it, but you can visit the official product page for further details.


Intuitive User Interface • Model Based • Systematic Test Case Specification • Systematic Test Case Generation • Automated Test Case Execution • Test Objectives • Linking with DOORS (specification tool) • Find Test Coverage Gaps • Search Function • etc.

Technologies & Methodologies

  • Project Management: Jira • Confluence
  • Languages: UML • Java • XML • XSD • CSS • Scripting Languages
  • Models and Methodologies: Statecharts
  • Libraries & Frameworks: Eclipse RCP • EMF • OSGI • GMF • Many Third Party Libraries
  • Automated Builds: PDE, Ant, Custom Scripts
  • Automated Testing: JUnit, QF-Test
  • Continious Integration: Jenkins, SVN
  • IDE: Eclipse

Team & other Stakeholders

  • Product Owner: corperate colleague located in another city
  • Technical Lead: myself
  • Development & Deployment: myself + 6 developers in 2 cities
  • Testing: 3 Testers in 3 cities and 2 countries
  • Marketing: 2 corperate colleagues located in another city
  • Third party software developers: 5 organizaton with differently close contact
  • Customer: 1 Customer with direct influence on the product features.