Occasionally I’m active on StackOverflow a famous Q&A-Platform for Software Developers.

What is StackXyz?

StackOverflow is a famous Q&A-Platform for Software Developers, with strict moderation of questions and answers. It encourages proper questioning and answering by gamifying the process. It uses voting, point and reward systems for that.

StackExchange is a Meta Platform unifying Q&A-Platforms on multiple topics, like StackOverflow, Game Development and Graphic Design.

My StackExchange Activities

I don’t play the Q&A game for points, since I find the point mechanics broken (most trivial and duplicate QA’s receive most points). Yet, I got a decent amount of points and medals from my every day development activities.

My question and answer style on StackExchange can give you a hint about my capabilities as consultant.

You can see my Profile here:
profile for Waog on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites