My skills as a game developer in a list of buzzwords. Select one for Details.

My Game Development Skills are based on my General IT Skills.

Multiple Genres


Game mechanics: platformereconomic simulation • shooter • point ‘n’ clickfirst person • arcade • real time • Appointment Gaming • turn based • Action • 2D • Isometric • 3D

Settings: nature • super heroes • cats & dogs • pirates • medieval • city

Social Integration


In-Game Purchases


Website Integration


seamless integration of: websites • app stores • game menus • gameplay

Broad Knowledge of Technologies and Methodologies

fast learning and understanding of new technologies, due to broad knowledge of comparable technologies and conceptual understanding of the underlying methodologies


Platforms: Android, iOS, Web, Native

Game Engines: Unity • Construct 2 • Phaser • jMonkey • Panda • Own Game Engines

Programming Languages: Java • C# • html5 (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) • C++ • TypeScript • ActionScript • diverse scripting languages

Tools: Eclipse • Unity • MonoDevelop • Visual Studio • Construct 2 • Sublime • Notepad++ • Flash • Intel XDK • Cordova

Methodologies: Architectures • Designs • Software Organization • Workflows • Client-Server

Consulting & Gamification

Having a broad understanding of games and the culture around it, I can help you with planing new products. Which games make sense? How to integrate them into your product line? How to make viral games and get retention? What do customers want? What do they pay for?

Developing Game Editors and Engines

Beneath using standard Game Engines, I can develop custom engines and End-User-Editors.



  1. The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.