Forests of Eden is a game developed for Greenpeace Argentina and Playotope. Build your garden in an economic simulation gameplay and discover new plants and animals in a point-and-click adventure style.


Economic Simulation and Point-and-Click Adventure Game • Nature, Jungle and Garden Setting • Semi Realistic Comic Style • Social Integration (Facebook & Twitter) • High Scores • Achievements • Browser Game seamlessly integrated into Websites • Freemium Pricing Strategy • Virtual Currency • Shop • Own Game Engine



Platform: Web • Facebook Games

Game Engines: Own Game Engine • Flash

Languages & Libraries: Java (Backend) • Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) • ActionScript • Facebook • Twitter • Google Analytics

Tools: Eclipse • SVN • TortoiseSVN • Custom Test Framework • Google App Engine


Development: myself + 3 developers
Graphics: 3 artists


The Playotope GmbH game studio created this game for Greenpeace Argentina. I worked for Playotope GmbH as a freelancing developer.