Playotope is an online Game Maker to build your own platform games and share them with your friends.


Easy to use Game Editor • Platform Game (aka Jump ’n’ Run) • Different Settings: Pirates, Politics, X-Mas • Comic Style • Social Integration (Facebook & Twitter) • High Scores • Browser Game seamlessly integrated into Websites • Own Social Cosmos: Share Games, Comment on Games or Users, etc. • Own Game Engine


globe - Web Developmentjavahtml5facebooktwittergoogle analyticseclipsesvngoogle app engine

Platforms: Web • Facebook Games

Game Engine: Own Game Engine

Languages & Libraries: Java (Backend & Frontend) • Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) • Facebook • Twitter • Google Analytics

Tools: Eclipse • SVN • TortoiseSVN • Custom Test Framework • Google App Engine


Development: myself + 1 developers
Graphics: 1 artists


This was the first Game of the Startup game studio Playotope GmbH. I worked for Playotope GmbH as a freelancing developer.