An App developed at PayPals 24h Hackathon. It enables parents to give their kids real world tasks and reward them with a virtual currency which can be spent in real world stores.


Blubber was developed on Paypals Battle Hack within 24 hours with the following restrictions:

  • Use Paypal: The Paypal API had to be used by the final Software.
  • Hack for Good: The app should improve the world or humanity somehow
  • Local Range: The app had to be useful in a local area, i.e. your city or district.

Our team consisted of three professional developers.

Idea & Features

The motivation, idea and features of Blubber where presented in a 2-minute-presentation on the BattleHack:


  • Languages: html5 (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) • Java • Python
  • Libraries & Frameworks: PayPal API • jQuery • bootstrap • Underscore • Java Servlets • Google App Engine • jQuery.qrcode
  • Automated Builds: Maven • Gradle
  • Automated Testing: JUnit • mockito
  • Version Control: GitHub
  • IDEs: Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA
  • Other: QR Codes • Raspberry Pi • USB Monitor