A spare time project with my room mate of a game remake as multiplayer. Goal is to experiment around with project management techniques, p2p software architectures and some technologies.


This project is currently under development. A multiplayer Asteroids game isn’t that exciting by itself, but we use it as a case study for experimenting. Our experiments include:

  • GitHub best practices
  • browser-to-browser communication with WebRTC
  • Best practices for structuring TypeScript projects
  • Automated Testing of TypeScript projects
  • Exaggerated use of the Law of Demeter to minimize the coupling and maximize the scalability
  • Automated Builds and Continious Integration for TypeScript projects


Asteroid Game • Realtime Multiplayer Action • No Server Required • Browser and Mobile


  • Languages: TypeScript • html5 (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) • UML • JSON
  • Web Libraries: WebRTC • phaser • peerJS • requireJS
  • Automated Builds: tsd • yo • yeoman • npm • grunt • bower
  • Automated Testing: Karma • TeddyMocks • Custom Framework • mocha • chai
  • Continuous Integration: GitHub • Travis CI
  • IDE: Eclipse


Me and my room mate, who also is a professional software developers with different background.