I’m currently developing a Project Management Tool to manage big amounts of GitHub issues (i.e. tasks) more convenient. This Project Management Tool is based on the idea of story mapping boards.


This Project Management Tool for GitHub is currently under development and the main idea is the following:

  • Instead of managing 1000 issues as labeled list items you arrange them in a second dimension, in a table.
  • One way to arrange the tables are typical story mapping boards, aka feature table.
  • This second dimension not only adds overview, but it also reduces the amount of issues to compare at a certain pint in time.
  • Drag’n’Drop eases managing issues even further.


Easy Project Management • Drag’n’Drop to edit Issues • Hierarchic Issues • Issue Dependencies • Visualize your whole project instead of single issues • free for public Projects • No information gets lost, because it’s stored directly in GitHub.



Web Languages: TypeScript • html5 (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Web Libraries: GitHub API • Angular2 • jQuery • jQuery UI • bootstrap • OAuth2 • Underscore

Automated Builds: tsd • yo • yeoman • npm • grunt • bower

Automated Testing: Karma • TeddyMocks • mocha • chai • Custom Test Framework

Continuous Integration: GitHub • Travis CI

IDE: Eclipse


Currently I’m working on the project alone.