Computer Vision algorithm and algorithm to find and analyse patterns in photographs and images. This is a Research Student Paper.


One Idea of Augmented Reality is the mirror below. This mirror shows an altered version of you. Thus it allows you to select your clothing in a menu. You don’t need to change it in reality.

Computer Vision - Virtual Mirror

One component of this augmented mirror is an algorithm to analyse the real clothing.

I developed an algorithm which analyses the structure of clothing and fabric to find patterns.


The algorithm takes an image of the clothing as input and extracts the structure (mesh) and texture seen in the image.

Computer Vission - Image to Structure

Extract the Structure (Mesh) of  an Image

Computer Vision - Extract Texture

Extract the Texture of an Image

Using this structure new textures could be applied to the structure to complete the mirror.

Computer Vision - Bulding Facade

The developed algorithm is generalized enough to even be applicable to analyse other images, like regular facades of buildings.

The algorithm was implemented in C++ and evaluated on multiple images.


I published the complete student research paper  (in german).