A hybrid riddle and runner game where you play an NPC to escape from the player character. A prototype is currently under development.

RRPG - Spiky Trap


This game is currently under development. It’s intended to teach me interdisciplinary skills, technologies and workflows. This includes:

  • Creating graphic designs and 3D models myself.
  • Workflows with Blender and Unity.


Runner Game with Riddles • Real-time Action • Mobile


  • Language: C#
  • Tools: Blender • Unity
  • Version Control: GitHub
  • IDEs: Unity • MonoDevelop


Me and a friend with a background in graphics and design, teaching each other interdisciplinary skills.

Details – Work in Progress

RRPG - Torches and Water


Reverse RPG - concept arts

reverse RPG - running thief

reverse RPG - thief using switch